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Note 1: The SS zip files require a password, and contain the most recent signals available for about 1500 stocks and ETFs, plus over 1,000 mutual funds. The SS zip files can also be found at the link




Number Factorization Suite (Freeware)

The Schulenberg Factorization SuiteFreeware (available for download).  This package includes the following:

               FACTOR1 -- Front-end (small factor) factorization by trial division. 

            FACTOR2 -- Pollard Rho factorization program (Brent algorithm). This algorithm is much less efficient than ECM (FACTOR4). 

            FACTOR3 -- Multi-Polynomial Quadratic Sieve (MPQS).  Handles "hard" numbers (e.g., semi-primes) of up to 100-130 digits.

            FACTOR4 -- Elliptic Curve Method (ECM).  Extracts factors of up to 40+ digits from large numbers of up to 350 digits. This program has been adapted from an implementation by R.P. Brent.

            FACTOR5 -- Williams p+1 Method.

            FACTOR6 -- Pollard p-1 Method.

We also plan to develop in the near future a General Number Field Sieve (GNFS) implementation that will effectively deal with hard numbers of 100+ digits.

"Q" -- (Q)uick Text Editor (Freeware)

"Q" Text Editor  -- This is a freeware download. This text editor has been designed to emulate the core features and behaviors of the DOS-based 16-bit Microsoft "M" editor (M.EXE) that dates back to the late 1980s. Although this new editor is truly a Windows program, it fully utilizes the keyboard (cursor keys, function keys, ctrl keys), as did the "M" editor, and thus does not require the use of a mouse at all. It is designed for those programmers who need a powerful text editor that is easy to learn and use, and which is well suited to a command line environment. This editor can handle extremely large text files, and offers very high speed operation. If you used and liked the Microsoft "M" Editor, or if you find that the current crop of Windows-style text editors are just too complicated, then you will probably like the "Q" Text Editor. We plan on adding more features, including language-specific formatting, but our design goal is to preserve a simple and easy-to-learn interface.

The "Q" Text Editor will run on all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems, including Windows 7, It does not use DLLs or the Windows Registry, and its single executable file (Q.EXE) can be placed in any folder that you choose; simply include the folder in the PATH system variable so that it is accessible everywhere.

Basic Features:
(1) The Q Editor will handle up to two files simultaneously, whose total text size is less than 750MB, where the total number of text lines in each file is less than 50 million, and where the maximum length of any text line is less than 4096 characters.

(2) The Editor will let you rapidly flip between two active files. The F2 key (or the TAB key) is used to access the "other" file. This feature facilitates seeing minor differences between two files, copying and pasting text between two files, or examining a file and its 'diff' history.

(3) You can use "wildcards" to view or edit groups of files.

(4) The Editor supports Search and Search/Replace operations, including null Replace strings.

(5) The Editor supports Copy, Delete, and Paste operations within a highlighted block of text.

(6) The Editor supports column editing functions; you can highlight blocks of text, or even single columns, and shift them left or right.

(7) The Editor supports line editing functions: delete line, copy line, and paste line.

(8) The Editor fully supports most European language character sets; simply type a base letter like "a" and then press ctrl Z successively until you see the desired accented letter, e.g., "á". This works also for the inverted Spanish versions of "!?" (type ! or ? and then press ctrl Z), and for the currency symbols (type $ and then press ctrl Z to cycle through the symbols for cents, euros, francs, pounds, yen, etc.).

(9) The Editor makes complete backups of every file that you modify. These backups provide previous versions of the edited files, and are used as input to the DIFF program so that a complete change history can be generated.

(10) The Editor remembers your preferred text and background color settings, your last Search and Replace strings, and also where you were last positioned within each file that you have viewed or edited. It also remembers the highest version number of each backup file generated for
each of your text files.

(11) If you have a copy of DIFF (diff.exe) accessible to the Editor, then it will generate a complete DIFF history for a selected file by successively 'diffing' all pairs of previous backup files.


EDES™ -- Empirical Data Expert System

EDES/Model vers. 2.12 -- Nonlinear mathematical modeling package (Empirical Data Expert System).  EDES/Model is built around the use of a proprietary family of nonlinear transformations.  A Neural Network model generator is also incorporated within the program so that an entire family of candidate nonlinear models can be automatically generated for a given set of empirical data.  We utilize EDES/Model to generate the families of neural networks that we use within our Stock Strategist™ software.